Should I Trim The Girls

My sour diesel autoflowers are about a week into budding. The have grown a lot of large fan leaves in the last week or so. I have been using LST so far with a few light trims. Question of the day. Do I trim the large light blocking fan leaves or leave them. I have them all fairly opened up with rubber coated wire, but I’m still worried lower buds aren’t getting enough light.

Pics enclosed



Nice looking ladies. How are they so short and budding already? I’m new to growing. Most of my plants are over 5 feet and no buds yet.

This is only my second go round. But both times were autoflowers and it’s my understanding they are shorter. I’ve been running a 20/4 light cycle from the get go.

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then you need to do a 12/12 on the lights to induce flowering, or they will just continue to grow

I am assuming this is for wyldstyl?

for anyone growing autos under lights…I give my tent autos 8 hours( 4 hrs x 2 times) a WEEK in darkness…otherwise lights on…When I get within a week-10 days of harvest, I cut that light down to 8 hours a day on, 16 off…2 days total darkness pre chopping

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I do 20 on 4 off, but after more reading, I might go to 24/7 on. For autoflowers

Thank you I didn’t know that.