Should I top this plant?

I am growing a Critical x Northern Lights Autoflower in a 2 x 3 tent that is only 63" tall. I have read that these Autoflower plants only grow to about 3’ tall. Taking into account the pot that I am using and the light at the top, 3 feet is as about as tall as I can have in the tent. This plant is pretty lanky so far and is almost 2’ tall. It sprouted about 4 1/2 weeks ago. I am concerned that it is going to be too tall for my tent. Should I top the plant now or just let it go and if it gets too tall top it then?


If its an auto flower, I wouldn’t top it. I would bend the top over and pull it down to the side a bit, securing it down almost horizontally. Don’t trim anything. It will still grow, and you’ll have more bud sites growing up towards the light.


What @sc13oldie said. I highly doubt it will get over 3 feet. And you should not top autos.


I concur with @sc13oldie and @Rye. LST is your best option here. It keeps plants shorter increasing bud sites without shocking the plant.

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Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. This is my first grow in a tent and wasn’t sure. If not topping is the answer, why do people top their plants? Just curious.

Topping is typically done on photo period plants. They have plenty of time to recover. Autoflower do not do well to any kind of high stress training (HST) such as topping, super cropping, or defoliation.

Low stress training (LST) is primarily tieing the Main stem dow and allowing the side branches to grow to same height as primary. Autoflower do extremely well with LST.

I didnt train my grow, some do some dont. Entirely up to each grower.

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Start early LST and you will see a big difference, I agree with @Rye and @sc13oldie don’t top just Lst:)-Organi

Have you thought about training it?

Yep. Just did at the advice from someone on here. I really learn alot from people on here. Very helpful. We folded our plant over last night.



Perfect. If you feel like it, you can also train the branches to grow horizontally, which will give you even better light exposure to all the buds and little or no trimming needed, which is perfect for auto flowers, cause the less stress the better results.