Should I top these Feminized plants

I transplanted these girls out of the Dixie cup December 24th, and was wondering when would be the right time to top them. This is my second grow and my first harvest were autos, so I’m not even sure feminized plants need toping. Anyway, the soil I used are a mixture of Happy Frog and Ocean Forest, and I’m using homegrown powerups as the nutrients. Any advice will be welcome.

4 hgcc Granddaddy Bruce Feminized
2 hgcc Candy Glue


@Jewels55 I would let them settle in there new pots for week or two before topping


I was thinking the same thing, but wanted advice from people who have more experience with growing cannabis. Thank you.

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Your welcome happy growing

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I would wait until the 5th node & then top down to the 3rd node.
Remaining branches will fill out & you will have a much stronger base.
Happy growing :v:

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I have been growing autos for 1.5 years and have started my first auto. Blue Gelato 41…I topped her at the 5th node… as far as I understand this is a good time but I am a beginner with photos. She is beautiful and doing fantastic at week 6