Should I top? NC Fems

these are 6 week old northern critical fems growing outdoors.


Put a piece of cardboard around the black pot, to keep it from the sun.

what will that do? prevent it from
over heating?

Prevents cooking the roots. Yes.

Its always fun to experiment?? Top a couple and leave a couple and next time you’ll know. I top everything or fim. But thats just what I’m used to doing.

One other thing. PH. Be sure you check your water PH. 6.5 to 7 is what I use. Buy a good meter and calibrate it. I have ruined plants from a cheap meter. It was disappointing to say the least.

I have the Apera60 PH meter.

These are autos, right?
I don’t top autos. I just let them grow.

No. They are photoperiod

You can top up until the flip and don’t let them flip until they have fully recovered.

how do I prevent outdoor plants from flipping?

Keep them in the sunlight. You should not see photos go to flower until October unless you are in the far northern latitudes. They will flip when the days approach 12 hours daylight.

I’m in the Northeast. Massachusetts. So I expect thru will start to flower in Mid September. Which is fine because it will begin to get pretty cold around then. 60s

That is the trick to flipping Photos. Getting them to flower without freezing them.
Remember, after the flip, you still have 6 wks flower grow time.
If you do not have a place to set up a tent indoors, you can look into a small green house tent on Amazon.
I bought a little one that would only hold one plant for $30.
Else, you will need to bring her inside when a frost is threatened.
It’s pretty important that the 12 hour night cycle be very dark to trigger a flip.

I think the biggest issue I will have is maintaining a pitch black environment. I’m currently growing on a roof deck in the city. So their will likely be some form of light pollution

Poke around here and on u-tube. I’ve heard about people bagging their plants at night. Since you are growing in a pot, there is nothing to stop you from bringing them inside at night, is there?

Just space really. I’m in a studio apartment. I’ll do some digging though. Maybe those small green houses you mentioned along with a black trash back to block out the light leaks will help.

Ok. I topped one of them. It’s only been a day but I think it was a success. Not sure if I should have topped her lower.

They’ll take a pretty good licking and keep on ticking when they are in veggie phase.
You’ll be okay.