Should I be worried?

I took suggestion from a “friend” for feed. He recommended Alaskan Fish Food for veg stage. After one feed I started seeing some irregularities on random leaves. Obvious signs of some insects. I have found some insects on and around the plant. Since I’m a new user, here is my one picture I’m allowed. I can send more to any doctor out there! HELP!

There is no picture.

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Without a picture and much of a description, my advice is to simply stay with pure water for awhile.
These plants are pretty hardy, especially in veggie phase. You well see then recover.

Some Updates

I’m in New Jersey right next to a lake. The bugs and insects are out of control here. I’ve found aphids, spiders, springtails, crab spiders, and so many more. There is absolutely a caterpillar or worm eating random leaves. Signs of caterpillar feces. Definitely signs of aphids and have spotted them but way too quick to get picture. A lot going on and can’t figure out what to do. Here are a bunch of random pictures of issues and insects. I’ve done some looking into pests but ld rather let you experts break it all down for me

How can I post more than 1 picture?

Here is one

The official image size is 5 mb though I would keep them under 3 mb. At that size, just just select the ones you like and click Add.

As far as critters, get some Neem oil and spray them thoroughly. Be sure to spray the undersides and surrounding soil.

A thin layer of sandbox sand around the base can help. My wife puts crushed eggshells around the base of our tomatoe plants.

I grew in the earth last year and later in raised beds. I now grow in bags. Makes critter management much easier.