Should I be concerned

First grow and not sure how concerned I need to be ,and what / why is happening

They we’re one month old on 9/28
I’m using Advanced Nutrients starter kit and also using their MagXtra and they are being mixed at 2ml per liter I’ve been following the directions on the bottles but I’m wondering if it’s too much they are in a 4x4 tent with a viparspectra p4000 for lighting at 40% I’ve been being very careful not to over water they were getting between 8 and 12 ounces every few days roughly, they are 3 gallon pots since sprouting I think they are about ready to be transplanted into 7.5 gallon pots hopefully I’m worrying over nothing. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated thanks for taking the time to read this

Looks like some light strain and depending on soil used…nutes are not needed until 4-6 weeks in dirt. If they are autos even LESS nutes to start out. Your main concern, IMO at early stage is root development so you can pour all the nutes in to her later in life cycle. If the roots are healthy, strong and girthy, this is like having bigger healthier veins in your body and prevent blockage. Happy growing!
Edit: A flush or two and light nitrogen, kelp and a bit of cal/mag with a bit of tinkering with your lights and you should be back in business!

I also have 2 Mars Hydro TS1000 would it be better to switch to one or both of them instead of turning the Viparspectra p4000 down to 25% because it’s around like 35 now and thank you again

It’s probably just the nutes, one step at a time and see if the girls like it or more is needed. Good lights from what I have reviewed. what is your height above canopy?

First plant pic, flush, she looks a bit locked up(work on rooting). Second plant pic, less nutes but looks very healthy still, the runts usually end up being kinda of a surprise good dense plant.

Thought this would help you see better .
You can tell that one plant is runtz ?

Oh nevermind I’m high I know what you meant by runts now :joy:

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:joy: hilarious. Def not light burn, you got those puppies :arrow_up:. Nice setup, smooth sailing the next 12 or so weeks! Introduce nutes slow and gradual, it’s a marathon, not a sprint…build up nutes as she moves along. Rome wasn’t built in a day :joy: cliche cliche

Ok gotcha just one more question should I wait to transplant them , the one on the right on front is wider then the pot now

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Depends if it’s an auto, no. If it’s a pheno, yes and give it a week or two for those roots to stretch with a root builder and high quality H2O. Then, back to business as usually. Low stress=happy girls.

I started with distilled water and the last couple weeks I’ve been using reverse osmosis water will it be ok to use RO for the flush as well, they all are pheno,
(Left rear white runtz) (right rear strawberry kush) (left front platinum kush) (grape ape)

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And thanks again for your help I so appreciate it

RO is great for a flush. If yellowing continues add nitrogen with root stabilizer/calmag. I use spring water, just a preference. Depending again on soil the only issue with RO, IMO, is mineral def. or nute overkill.

These girls were giving to me all I know about the soil is it was left over from his last grow after transplant I’ll be using coco coir

This is what they will be in after transplant, it was recommended from the owner of the grow shop I use he said he really likes this soil that it’s what he uses, also I’m aware that there are not any nutes in it , I’ll be using what comes in the advanced nutrient starter kit,plus their magxtra for calcium and magnesium and this is the schedule I was planning on following

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Just saw that chart is blurry here’s a clearer picture

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Your lights are awesome I’m using 4 of them in my tent. Bright green or yellow is usually a sign of stress and/or a nutrient issue. A flush would be good, and don’t feed again until the next feeding with your regular nutrient regime. When you flush, make sure you get plenty of runoff, at least 10% of your total flush volume, that way you make sure to really FLUSH.



Here are some helpful tips for your lights, and other helpful stuff for reference.

I’m actually using the viperspectra p4000 at the moment but I’m setting up an 8x4 as we speak and once I’m done I’ll be putting the 2 Mars Hydro ts 1000 and the vipar p4000 , but I was planning on upgrading to the viparspectra xs 4000’s , so my question is now would I be better off to upgrade to the bigger Mars lights instead of the Vipars ?

I don’t know a lot about lights, when shopping, I was looking for a full spectrum light that I could link together, and could dim. These were recommended to me by a store owner/grower in Oregon, and I’ve been extremely happy with them. For me, I weigh what I want and need from my light vs cost. I’m sure someone in the forum has a vast knowledge of lights that can help you. Sorry brother. Good luck.

No problem I also liked the Mars lights but my friend who is much more experienced then I gave me the Vipar for a really good price and told me to use that instead of the Mars I don’t know much about lights either and he has helped me so much, I really like this forum because I can get more then one opinion, thank you for all the info I really do appreciate it and good luck on your grow as well have a great night

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