She's Uellowimg, HELP

Hi all, I need your help!! @MDBuds , @Rye or my 14 wk Gelato Photo is yellowing.

Really hope someone can guide me.

My 12/13 wk JCK Auto is doing well, she stacking on trichomes & weight.

Thanks in advance.

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What’s your feed schedule and what are you feeding

In to see further response.

Hi, I feed with botanicare Grow, calmag & liquid Karma weekly & water other days. Ph 6.2-6.5

@Adcrag it looks like over watering and nutrient leaching to me. Remember to cycle your watering wet to dry. Indoor with your environment that you’ve mentioned before you should only have to water about every 3 days including your feedings. Make sure you feel your pots and check the soil before you water or feed. If they still feel heavy or if you can still feel moisture in the root zone up to your first knuckle on your finger wait another day or so to water or feed.

The leaves are droopy too and all of the yellow is on the bottom leaves which shows it’s a mobile nutrient issue and likely nitrogen deficiency from leaching.

Part of it is just the natural dieing off and fad during flower but it usually doesn’t happen on that large of a scale.

What is Nutrient leaching. How do I correct??


LOL. I’d also like to know what nutrient leaching is.

@Adcrag it’s when you water a lot and wash the nutrients out of the root zone. You just water less.

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Well my Gelato P (14/15 wks) still looks terrible. Watering less, ph good. Seems her buds are filling out.

JCK A is good, trichomes cloudy, gonna let her go!!

You need to let her DRY OUT…way over watered which can cause nutrient lock. It is scary to dry them as you see them almost die. Prior to a dryout, flush her (do it right/ good), then let her dry and trim off the yellow dying leaves from the lower branches. After she droops form being dry, water her normally (water only first time) and she should begin praying overnight. It is that or just let her finish the way she is and trim the yellowing lower leaves

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Thanks @Mrb53004 , water lady night. Will remove some yellow leaves at lights on.

Have an amazing day

Well my lady Gelato P is putting up a good fight. Let her dry out, removed yellow leaves & feed her. Let’s Pray I’m on the right track.