She is just starting to show her purple!

I finished my harvest today for all but my Diva. She is just starting to turn purple, so I am guessing 3-4 more weeks to fatten up and finish. She will be well worth the wait. She is a Platinum Purple Kush.


I just harvested a purple Kush feminized in my closet it’s fabulous. Yours looks very nice


Very impressive manicure.

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Do you have drainage in the bottom of those tubs or just water them like outdoors?

DMT, Very pretty girl!

I just water them 1-2 gal. at a time and there is no runoff. I have holes in the sides 3.5 inches up from bottom just in case.

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Have you ever supercropped or fimmed your plants? Your colas would be fantastic and bigger. That one large cola is really stretching for the light/s much more than the rest of the plant. You could get nannas or hermies.

I’m not sure what a nanna is but I never did get any hermies. here’s a better picture of that main Bud that thing was like a beanstalk


nanas are like bananas that grow at the tops of the buds. Usually because of being too close to the light / heat.
I was a big indoor grower years ago but closed shop as it became too time consuming and started attracting the wrong people as I moved to sell my crops. I was producing 4-5lb a month
Now I just grow for wifey and me, backyard. I am thinking of a tent to get me through the winter, what lights do you use / recommend. Small 2x3 area -2,3,4 autos the most

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I have only been growing inside for the past year myself. But this is the light I have used I have the 1500 W. I now use 2 of them but these plants in the picture we’re all grown under 1-1500 W light some people say they’re cheap I’ve had no problem at all with them they’ve been real reliable and have grown some good crop. my area is only 2’ wide by 4’ long by 5’6" tall
Exlenvce 2000W 1500W 1200W LED…

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When I was looking for light my local dealer wanted $600 for a 1000 W LED so I looked at it and saw manufactures name on the light and I called straight to the factory and they make the same light that I use they just don’t put the high end name on them. There’s only a few manufacturers who put the lights together and they just put different names on the body. So if you don’t mind a light with a horrible name like whatever this is on my light, you can get an expensive light cheap just by buying the cheap brand name.

Examples of “nanners”

image image

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I use the same light. I have 2 of them. I have a 1200 watt and a 1500 watt. They are good lights for me also

I think the lights are all right, ultimately I have purchased 5 of them because my brother also uses them in his grow and he had no problems with them either And I think they’re pretty good spectrum because my plans produced quite well (I think anyway). And welcome to the forum @Shannon!

I was wondering how far do you keep the light from seedlings?? How far away when vegging?? And how far away when flowering??

I run around 14" during veg and flower and 20" for the seedlings.