Seeds off a autoflower

Hey everyone On one of my white widow autos I got about 10 seeds with no male plants around and no sign of malefowers on the plant Wondering if these seeds will be feminized and or autos, Only way this plant was stressed is had a little mold on some buds which I sprayed off with water about 3 wks before harvest

Should be autos but genetically they have a better chance of herming. Still, I count that as a good score, congrats!

Thanks for the input

If you let her go too long into flower, they seed sometimes…comes from stress and hermies you do not see. Could also just be a make (hermie) flower you did not catch (or maybe from somewhere else?)
50/50 chance that offspring hermie too if this is the case
since it is an auto, you can usually tell in about 4 maybe 5 weeks so sprout the little buggers

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