Seeds in the ground!

Hey y’all, here goes my effort at growin’ stuff & journaling.
:sunglasses: :v:t6: :laughing:

MY SETUP: 2 ’ x 3’ x 6’ cabinet.
2 x charcoal filters w/4" fans = 104 CFM ‘S TOTAL
1 Kind LED XL 450 (270 W)
2 x T5 2’ Lights
1 H2O pump 185 GPH
1 Air pump
4 x 4" air stones
Blue Lab Monitor EC, TDS, PH, PPM, H2O temp,
10 Granddaddy Purple Autos (regular)
2 Blackberry Kush Autos
hydronton clay rockwool
DWC 15 Gallon bin
Top watering/feeding
1- 6" fan @ plant level (another ready for canopy)

NUTES: Botanicare HYDROGUARD 30 ml

On Sunday 25 oct 2020 @ 0730 hours I dropped 10 GDP AUTOS & 2 BLACKBERRY KUSH AUTOS onto 3 cotton pads, 5 on each pad. On Tuesday, 27 oct 2020 @ 0700 9 of the GDP’s & both of the KUSH ladies sprouted.
I had trouble getting the long roots into the rockwool, and I ended up having to leave a few of them hanging out of the wool.

They looked sickly, and frankly I wrote off the whole lot because the initial humidity and temp were way off. But I set them up in the cabinet turned on lights.
I closed the door and hoped for the best. Checking a few hours later all of the KUSH SISTERS & 9 of the GDP were sitting up and paying attention to the lights and environs. So I paid attention.

I can’t seem to get close enough for a good shot, but here @ 2021 hours they seem to be pretty content. I workin’ real hard on photos. I have limited mobility and find it hard to get down to take a photo of the ladies.
I don’t have good ventilation yet, (fans on the way) but everything else is good to go.
Wish me luck. Photos soon!!! :sunglasses: :v:t6


GOLLO, good luck. It all starts somewhere. Unless you got domes, I do not see why you would be off on the humidity. When you start seeds, you do not need anything (nutes). Just some distilled water. That is al they need for a couple / 3 weeks. Temps can hurt, watch them. Keep lights at the right distance. If seeding, only the t5 need to be used. They should do well.

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Thanks, I forgot to include the fact that I use RO & DI water.

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Welcome to this forum. It really is a great site and the people are so helpful. A ton of knowledge, skill and abilities all willing to help. I am an old dog for over 50 years, in and out with about 15 as a grower and these people teach this old dog new tricks.

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I’m also a greyed dog, 69. This new tech is outstanding. And the help on this and other forums have been extraordinary. Thanks to all for the tips and tricks.