Seeds from my feminized autoflower

My last grow was blueberry feminized autoflower.
The plants produced a fare amount of seeds. If I use these seeds, will they also be feminized autoflower?
BTW, the plants grew perfectly with a very good smoke.

I have the same doubt. I grew a Darkpurple from the delicious seed, which in the end gave some fox tails with male tips. I noticed when I was cleaning the buds that some gave seeds. so far I found 8 seeds in all buds. Will these seeds work?

If these were grown without any other male plants around, then it is due to hermaphroditism. Typically, when you try to sprout seeds from a hermaphrodite, they will also be herms, happy growing! FYI the soft and lighter (white) looking seeds will not sprout.


I had a blueberry auto that I left too long before harvesting and it produced seeds. If too much time passes without fertilization, the female will grow male parts and the plant will produce seeds. These will be genetically identical to the parent plant, so if you’re happy with the parent, the next generation will be fine. And they will all be female.


Unfortunately the part about the plant producing just female seeds isn’t true. I had 2 plants I let go to long , got 6 seeds . 2 never made it out of the dirt , 1 was female 1 was a hermi and 2 males.

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Producing feminized seeds from a single female plant works well outdoors. Plants go hermie indoors because of stress - light, temp, humidity, etc are not correct and the resulting seeds are stunted mutations.

However, outdoors, where all the stresses are from nature, a built-in survival method of a single female plant with no males is to grow male parts, produce pollen, self-fertillize and produce seeds. These seeds are viable and when they fall on the ground, will germinate the next season and grow into copies of the mother plant. All females, each preserving the genetics of the mother. Carrying these genetics through to the next season, when hopefully, there is a male around and they can reproduce in the normal manner, adding variety, therefore vitality, to the gene pool.

As an outdoor grower, my plan for this coming season is to plant a batch of regular seeds that I got in Bhutan. When the late summer days shorten and flower time comes, I’ll pull up the males as soon as they show, so they don’t fertilize the females. Harvest the tops of the females when they mature, and leave the flowers on the lower 2/3 of the plant to ripen and age, grow male flowers and self-fertilize, producing feminized seeds for me to grow the following year.

Indoor growing is not natural and no matter how you try to mimic nature, you can’t get within 80% of the natural outdoor environment. Hermies are inevitable in this environment.