Seedlings too wet?

Its my first grow and I have these 2x Photos. I have been feeding them organic seaweed and they are in a neutral medium which was pre-wetted with the same seaweed solution. I was giving them a teaspoon / table spoon every second day band they started off looking perfect, but the leaves have started to curl on one and a couple of yellow / brown spots on the other. From what i have read i believe this is a sign of over-watering so i have stopped and will give em a break for a few days until the medium dries a little. I just wanted to check that i was on the right track, and moving forward how much should i water / feed until they hit vegetative stage which i guess will be another set of questions. Im totally excited so dont want them to die on me!!

@oldsnaps yeah, the medium looks pretty damp and the leaves are droopy. Seeds have enough nutrients in them for a seedling to survive for a couple of weeks without additional nutrients. They do like higher humidity which is why folks put a clear plastic dome over them.

Let them dry out a bit. I spray my seedlings with a mister (I start them in those little jiffy peat pods) and spray the outside of the pod and the leaves. DISCLAIMER I have a small T5 florescent bulb so it doesn’t burn the plant! If you are using LED or other lights, they might get too hot and the ight might get focused by the droplets and burn your leaves!

And water wet to dry. Feel the weight of the cups (later your containers) when dry and also when wet. If it isn’t at the “dry” weight yet, wait before watering!

And you do have drain holes in those solo cups? You don’t want the water to sit there, it does need to drain!

That’s awesome thanks heaps. Good to know i was on the right track.
I do have a tent which has just arrived so will move them in and will research RH levels and getting a purpose made light too. The beer pong cups do have holes for drainage so will monitor the weight.