Seedlings curling

Kandy Cush, 2-32watt Hydrofarm fluorescent, 75-77°F, 50-80%RH &ph water.
Not my first grow but seems like I can’t get them to take off :confused: I’ve gone through 6 seeds so far I don’t know what changed :thinking:


@Rich they need domes and maybe less light. When seedling leaves curl under like that it’s a sign that there’s not enough constant humidity or too much light intensity and they’re losing moisture. They curl in to prevent moisture loss and to protect themselves from burning. Dome and mist. Seedlings get most of their water from the air until they have a few good sets of leaves and an established root system.


Get a cheap plastic cup, clear, and put over them, if you have it a piece of window screen on top of the cups. Once twice. A day lift the cups to circulate the air.


Dome saved them, thanks for the info, humidifier will arrive tomorrow :grinning:. Now I can get back to growing.
This cured GSC from last harvest.


@Rich happy to help man. Glad you managed to save them. That’s some tasty looking bud there in that fancy box. :v:


I’m still having a problem with my seedlings,
I have a evaporative humidifier now and I’m still having issues. The humidifier did help greatly. I use “Roots Organics Original” I’m going to attach a picture, there all Kandy Kush except the far right 1 it’s a GSC .

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Feel your leaves gently…do they feel a little crisp? It looks like too much Nitrogen.
I have found that sometimes ROOTS is a little too charged. Runs hot for my taste (for seedlings)
I start my seedlings in peat pods and the live like that with no feeding or nutrients until around the 3rd node…Then I transplant. By then, the roots are strong enough to handle a hot mix
Make sure you are watering with proper Ph and DO NOT OVERWATER. They LIKE to dry and then get wet. You can’t really overwater but you can water too often
Your Rh should be up above 70% for babies this age…a slight gentle breeze. When my seedlings are about this stage, this is when I transplant and after a few days plain water, I start feedings at1/4 strength.
If I am using a living soil, I do not feed (other than molasses, cal/mag, kelp) until FLOWER TIME


Looks like nitrogen toxicity will calles clawing