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Should I wait until I see root tips through the clear plastic cups before putting them into their final pot?
They are 2 weeks in …

Thanks …GB

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Thats a personal choice, no right or wrong as long as you can do it safely. You could sure up the long stems by burying them a little below the surface. :yin_yang:

Kinda like I’ve always done it. Just wondering. Heard about the “2nd set of leaves “ theory…seems like they coincide anyway…lol.
Thanks for the response Chas… :+1:t3:

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Just my 2 cents but I’d set those clear cups into some of the colored ones to block light . . . roots do better in the dark. Can lift them out to check root growth.


Hey Chuck,
I potted them yesterday, the clear cups didn’t seem to have bothered the roots too much. The 2 clear ones had the same root ball as the other ones… they all looked good.
My ph was a tad high so I’ve been adjusting it diligently and I think it makes a pretty big difference.

Thanks for your comments Chuck :+1:t3:
Happy Grows…