Seed sprouting in water problems

Hello all,how long should I leave my seeds in water? I put 4 seeds in a shot with distilled water and it took over a week to show any signs of sprouting…I planted them and 3 died…I have 3 more in water now 4 days ago and barely sprouting now,how long before you know they are no good please? Thank you.


@Artalert you should never soak your seeds for more than 24 to 48 hours because you can drown them.

After soaking for 24 hours you move them to a moist paper towel on a plate, cover it with another plate, and then put it in a warm dark place.

Or use peat, coco, rockwool in a dome with a heated propogation pad.


Thank you,that is what I read. years ago,and I tried it two other times and had no problem but this is first time for autos, I will follow your advice!


Add some molasses and kelp to the water, 12 to 24rs max, papertowel damp, plastic bag, dark closet. You should have signs of budding within 48-60 hrs. Older seeds, seeds not dried (fresh) and low grade seeds can fail but GOOD SEEDS POP in this timeframe


Thanks, I don’t really know how old the seeds are so that maybe a problem too,but definitely drowned the other ones, I started three more last night so I will put them in the napkin tonight as suggested,thanks again.

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I always used hydrogen peroxide with great results.

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