Seed pods and nutes

Hey, those of you who put gerned seeds into peat pods, do you soak the pods into seedling nutes before placing the germed seed? I’m starting germ today and need to be ready.

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Them pods should have all you need to get them going. I sprout my seeds in paper towel once they get good tap root put pods in warm water they will swell up get something sterilize it has small hole in it drop in tap root down and pinch on soil cover it keep them moist @GrnyGrows

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Thanks. I thought that was the case but don’t like to assume.

Seedlings have most of the yummies they need built in and your pod will be just fine with water.
I’m quick to add my pod to a solo cup of final soil. It pulls the excess water away from the pod. I put holes in the sides and bottom of the solo cup and keep it in a tray with a little water. That way the roots reach down for a drink without drowning.
Once you see some roots sneaking out the holes, you know it’s time to put to their final destination.
By then you’ve formed a root ball that should slide out of the cup and just set it in the final pot/bag and fill dirt around it.

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I soaked the pods and planted. But question, the pods were very wet, should I have squeezed some water out or is it cool to go from water to counter to dome?

No they dry pretty quick just put container and dome

Thanks for your help.

Perfect and your welcome my friend happy growing