Seed planting - into big final container or use a cup 1st?

1st timer here: How many of you indoor growers put germinated seeds into a cut to nurture seedlings then transplant to final container? Do you use the same soil mix in both cup and final container to reduce shock? Will the transplant bring on too much stress?

On 1st 6-plant grow, should I try three to cup and three to final container on the seed plantings - as a test? I read so much contradicting info.

I plan to use 1/2 FFOF with 1/2 FFHF then mixing in 30% Vermiculite and 10% Perlite – does this sound OK? I know there are no rules, I just need a place to start.

@GrnyGrows You want to start in seed starter soil in small pot then transplant them to the bigger pots with the soil you mentioned if you start them in the soil your going to use its to hot to start seedlings in

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You can achieve the result without transplanting, if you make up a two stage pot. Fill a pot with the main soil you like, water it until shapable, and make a cup shaped crater in the middle. Fill the crater with your starter “baby food” soil, and sow a pre-soaked seed directly into their forever home. By the time the roots are feeding beyond the baby food, the plant is ready for the nutes.

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I’m sorry I don’t know all of this – but how do you define pre-soaked seed? Just soaked then sowed directly or a germinated seed?

Awesome info.

My gut says go this way. I’m just worried about transplant shock. When you say too hot – you mean too many nutrients, right? Could I use the little seed starter pods and then just put them into the bigger pots?

Blessings and thank you.

I soak seeds several hours, maybe overnight, in a cup partway filled with water. Soak them in the dark until they no longer float. Once they sink, they’re wet inside, which signals germination. Then plant them just barely under the surface, just close the soil above, a few drops of water now and then, cycle lights as you will for seedlings, and, just keep that spot where the seed is wet, and in two or three days it should sprout.

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Fwiw, I grow in fox farms ocean forest, but use fox farms happy frog for starter soil aka baby food. Once planted, I don’t mess with it. Water just a spot where your seed is, and around the seedling, expanding the area watered only as the plant gets big enough to need it. Begin adding supplemental nutrients a few weeks in. I use the fox farms liquid trio sold as a three pack. I cut the dosage in half and follow their schedule.

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Oh God bless you – my life of gardening and gut are good - right in line with you. On the lighting – how much on an off for seedling and when can I go 24/0? Thanks a million.

I dunno about the light schedule. I’m growing with LED lights, and run 18/6 straight through with autos. With photos of course you’d have to flip to 12/12 at some point.

I’m running autos. Just wondering about seedlings (first week) – if they need some rest.

There are different schools of thought. Most seem to believe there are benefits to some rest, with the balance between rest and yield of course. I run 18/6 throughout, and believe there is both benefits to rest, and to training them to a schedule and not jumping too much in one go.

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