Seed hulls not shedding quickly

Still very new to all of this…

Last few tries my Seed hulls are not shedding quickly, several different HGC strains. Bruce Bruce Banner auto, Gorilla Auto and Deelite auto
Soaked the last 2 for 24 hours, one showed a tap and the other had split, one is fine but one is almost 2 days old out of the dirt and she wont shed the seed.

I had a Deelite freebie recently I had to pry it off after 5 -6 days.
Seeds in the fridge…


Thanks in advance!

i would leave it, some take a bit longer than others, if you try to mess with it, its easy to damage the plant. good luck & happy growing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will let her be, but after a few days of no leaves they’re stunted and probably wont recover, maybe!.

You’ve allowed the hinge of the hull to dry out, so the plant isn’t able to push hard enough. I germinate in soil after soaking until they sink in a jar of water. Once in soil, they get eye dropper watered, directly on the seed shell, every few hours, until they shed the hull. Letting the hull even partially dry unnecessarily stresses the seedling. And even if they survive, you’ve got a traumatized plant that is never gonna be great. Your goal in the first week is some first round draft pick seedlings, looking like the seed catalog.
These are 9 days above ground, germinated as described. Raising some athletes here. :grin:


Ahh, so I’ve been afraid to drown them. And I can see mine stressing…luckily, I have lots of seeds left.
I’ve been putting them right into the dirt, or in this case right into the dirt after an overnight soak.
The one that is stuck had a quarter inch tapper in 24 hours, so I planted her and misted after that, but maybe it just wasnt enuff…

Thank you so much for the advice!

Until the root is functioning, only direct contact moistens the seedling. No need to drown the soil. Just a few drops directly in contact moistens the plant and the immediate cover.

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Exactly as Northcountryguy says… Seeds that don’t shed the husk got to dry. Try to put a humidity dome with some vent holes over the seed area until it is about an inch tall… That will keep the humidity around 70-80% and should keep the husk from drying too much.

Take a toothpick and carefully flick it off. Do it gently, if it gives any resistance drop more water on it and give it more time. Ive manually flicked many of husks off and the leaves are opening within a couple hours. Take two toothpicks so you can push each half of the husk away from each other and break the dry hinge.

Most people blame it on weakling seeds but generally they let the husk get dry.

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Thank you! I did mist and dome and just gently peeled it off this AM and just as you said, she’s opened up!

Nice!.. Some people are paranoid about stuff like that. But if she trapped, free her.