Seed germination. Wow great result happened

I have been trying all kinds of ways to get my seeds started.

I think I stumbled across a great method.

I have a small 12 pod jiffy seed starter green house.

I set this up with pods and water like it is supposed to be.

I found best result is use a iron cooking skillet placed on top of your lighting frame to absorb heat like a heatsink. Place the seed starter green house into the skillet. This has been a proven method for me. The skillet seems to moderate the heat correctly. I tried without and the skillet always had best result.

My trick is, I lay a paper towel on top of jiffy pods , place my seeds on the paper towel. Then lay a paper towel over the seeds. Now put the dome cover on tight pressing into paper towel and creating good seal for top cover of the green house.

I moistened paper towels with water spray bottle mist. But probably not needed because it’s in the watered dome pod area already.

After a day three I opened dome lifted top paper towel and saw the best germinated seeds ever. Super happy healthy seeds, all uniform in size. Half inch long and longer tap roots, shell ready to fall off as soon as planted. I kept the grown into paper towel area connected to root attached, to not disturb the root when I planted them.

I watered my grow pot soil and planted them.

Best seed starting result for me.

I basically just used the watered jiffy pods to make sure the seeds would be in moisture, but on top in safe airy paper towel.

I had bad results putting seeds into the jiffy pods, too wet. so I laid a paper towel on top and figured this out.

I hope this works for others.

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