Second Indoor Grow - having some issues

Ladies & Gents,

I am having some concerns about my second grow op.

I believe I had some gnat issues for the past month. This week, I put sand down on the tops of the soil to block the gnats getting in. However, I am still concerned with some of the leaves.

Here, is the list of strains that I am growing:

Super Lemon Haze (2 plants)
Purple Thai
Guerilla Glue #4
Guerilla Glue Lemon
Pinconning Paralyzer
Gelato 33

I planted some of the seeds on 1-10-2021. I have left them in veg for two reasons:

(1) I was moron and did not have the lights close enough to the plants for at least the first 2-3 months then moved the light down closer.

(2) I want these plants to be mother plants for some clones.

I just got a new 5x5 foot grow tent.

In the first tent, I have two lights: (1) Bloom Grow 800 watt (not dimmable) and (2) the other is a BLOOMSPECT Upgraded 1000W LED Grow Lights with Veg & RED & Bloom 3 Modes.

In my second grow tent, I am using a SPIDER FARMER SF-4000 LED Grow Light 5’x5’ Coverage Compatible with Samsung LM301B Diodes Dimmable Commercial Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum 3000K 5000K 660nm 760nm IR 1212pcs LEDs.

I just moved three plants - Purple Thai; GG4 and Guerrilla Glue Lemon.

Temp runs around 70 degrees. RH around 50-55. I have done 2 top dressing of Gaia Green, 4-4-4 and 2-8-4.

I am concerned about gnats or other insects. I started using Peppermint Oil sprinkled in the tents. I also have Neem oil, but have not started to use that.

I am concerned about maybe a cal/mag or some other nutrient deficiency.

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New grow tent

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Old grow tent

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@rodenya01 your vpd is in range for late veg/early flower so it isn’t a VPD issue.

How bad was your fungus gnat problem? Fungus gnat larvae eat the feeder roots and can cause deficiencies. So you might just need to kill off the larvae and wait for the plants to bounce back before flower.

Are you using a living soil? If a living soil I’d suggest using nematodes to treat the fungus gnat issue so you don’t hurt the microbiome in the soil. After treating with fungus gnats keep the soil moist but not water logged so the nematodes can breed and do their thing. Once the gnats are gone to prevent them coming back I’d personally use some DE and some preventative foliar sprays on the pots, leaves, and lightly on the top of the soil.

My personal preference is a garlic oil foliar spray with some pepper oil.

If your gnat problem wasn’t bad or a full blown infestation it could just be a calmag issue. Purple stems and chlorosis/necrosis in spots definitely looks like a cal mag issue. Feeding with a bit more calmag will help even if the issue is gnats but you just have to remember to cut back on the calmag again once the gnats are gone so you don’t cause a lock out with the extra calmag.

I went down there last night. After putting sand down on the top layer of soil, I did not see a single gnat. So, I think it is what you said - cal/mag deficiency.

I am going give them a hit of cal/mag tonight and see if that starts turning things around.

Will report back.

Nice pictures! Thanks.

Too much nutrients IMO.

Have you tried Recharge ? That thin is miraculous to get the plants back on track (even out the timing ) the rest I don’t know