Second harvest these plants are something else are they ready yet?

Week 14 autos white widow/crystal meth AKA Crystal Pinkman


I can not see the tricomes well but I would say yes ready


Hans…I see a LOT of new white pistils and MANY old mature pistils. That is an indication that you are feeding it and too much light. It is like re-vegging or even foxtailing. The buds mature internally and externally are immature. Just brings down the quality of the thc. SO are you going for quality or quantity? That is the choice.
As long as you feed them and keep the lights going, they continue to grow. If you do this, keep a good eye on RH levels as it is easier to get bud rot under these conditions. THey get very dense internally and do not breathe well


Thanks I appreciate the feedback…this is my second grow with this strain and I just cut off nutes last thursday. My first go with this strain I misunderstood the timeframe of 10-11 weeks as the finish…instead this was the time from flower. Flowering for this strain starts at week 4 and last time I started flushing at week 10 so I wound up harvesting 2 at 12 weeks 1 at 13 and 1 at 14. Both these plants are on week 15 now and I will be chopping them this weekend. I do think maybe my led is a little close…I am using a mars hydro TS2000 and have been keeping it about 8 inches above the tallest bud.

good light for what you are doing. Height - I go anywhere from 12 to 8 inches, depending on the strain. Some hermie from being that close or get light stress / leaf burn
Flowering time ----there is no “this many weeks” and that is written in stone. Many things affect / change the length of time. Autos go by hormones and thee are many things to trick hormones so times are estimated / approx
I managed to get 27 weeks from a GSC auto…if you transplant and the container is large enough, the roots will change the hormones and it will take longer to flower. Sometimes I go from a 3" peat cup to a 1 gal, to a 3 gal to a 5 or even have gone to 7…a 2 gallon increase changes the hormones. Check out @Kronic ----he has a YT video of his lady and over 200 days for an auto…
stress interrupt the hormone balance, which s why many say to not train / top / fim / LST autos…old school thought but it still holds true for certain strains. Some I “DO NOT TOUCH”, like gold leaf, others I train the crap out f them (Bruce, GSC, Tang…)
You got to be willing to lose them or get almost no return to see which strain do what

I finish Full strength nutes about 3/4 of the way in flower. I reduce about 75% total with the last 2 weeks pure clean water, then no water for almost 5 days, 3 days dark, chop chop
this works for me. I increase darkness to almost 16 hrs, reduce temps to 65, 55 at night to induce thc and terpenes. I also use a UV/IR bulb 2 hrs a day for last 2 weeks…

you have to find your own methods as everyone and every strain is different, even ones from the same seed bag. Genetics throws a wrench in all things. How much time you have on hand and how much attention to your plants you want / can give determine outcomes
Some go for quality, some quantity, some a mix of both

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Mike, I grew White Widow autoflower in my hoop house this summer and had a similar problem - they just kept going and going with new white pistils - I harvested them at 130 days and discovered they had hermed and also pollinated two Mandarine autos that were near them (I think that is what happened). Never saw nanners but the pollen was obviously around the area. My own fault and I learned from this experience - maybe too much of a good thing - in terms of warmth and light (Natural sunlight, long days) and easy access to nutrients - is not always such a great thing. I did pop four of the seeds from the “Mandarine Widow” seeds two weeks ago and will see what they turn into. Big question in my mind is whether they will still be autoflower.

time will tell. That is what we go through when we breed…then selective seeding and that can take years
It took almost 4 years to develop my frankenstien strain

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I think it is just the genetics of the bud…because I bought 12 of these seeds and have sprouted 10 got 2 more to go…they all foxtail…but they are all different some are bushy and some are stalky

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if they are all foxtailing, that has something to do with the environment, mostly lights and nutrients

I have read otherwise…there are certain genetic makeups that naturally foxtail. My environment is spot on…could always be better but all conditions down to my watering technique are spot on so far as I can tell. I learned most of what I know by watching every and I mean EVERY video I could find on you tube etc and forum I could read on autoflowers. Can always learn more of course. One of my main influences is Mr. Canucks Grow…dude is on point

what is the strain/s? What light/s are you using and what nutes at the late flowering time?

it says the strains in the original post white widow/crystal meth aka crystal pinkman. I later went on to say that I was using a mars hydro TS2000 about 300 watts. I am using Fox Farm Nutes…to be exact:
Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, Kangaroots, Microbe Brew, Kelp Me Kelp You, Bembe, Open Sesame, Beastie Blooms, and Cha Ching. They have been in darkness going on 72 hours…bout to be cut and hanged.