Second Grow...More ?s

2nd grow is underway and I have some new questions. I also just like to share my experiences here so any comments are welcome.

This grow I decided to do 2 plants…Caramel Cream (fem. photo) and White Widow (auto)

I’m at day 45 and 27 respectively on these girls.

Growing in a 36"x36"x72" tent under a Mars Hydro TS1000. Light runs for 18hrs and shuts off for 6hrs during afternoon. Plants are in 3gal fabric pots. Grow medium is a mix of organic soil, compost and perlite. I use several fans to circulate air inside tent and run a humidifier to maintain rh between 60-70%. I water with pH neutral water and have not added any nutrients to this point

My setup is in an outbuilding that is not air-conditioned so tent temps are reaching into 90s some days.

CC is looking good under all these conditions but the auto has started to yellow. Is this related to watering or heat?

In comparison, here is CC.

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What are you feeding them looks like you have pH problem or nute burn

She seems unable to breathe. Do you think the undercarriage is getting enough air? Seems like she’s sunk under the line of airflow from my perspective. I’m not an expert, especially not with autos.

Nice to meet you! :v:

Haven’t done any feedings. just plain H2O.

I hadn’t considered that…I do have her sitting inside a 5gal bucket to prevent water seeping out of fabric pot and onto tent floor. I will move her out so she can get more air circulating around her and see if that doesn’t rectify the problem…Thx for input.


You’re welcome! That water on the floor thing can get annoying. If it helps, I got a few of those garden tables so water can drain into a dish tub. If space is a concern, I know @Adcrag had some coaster looking things.

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When we see yellowing of the leaves that starts at the bottom of the plant, it usually means a Nitrogen issue. N is water soluble and if you water too much, you flush it from the soil, hence the lower leaves start to yellow. Organic soil rebuilds/ replenishes N so try slowing down on the watering. Check the Ph to make sure it is not abnormally high or low, that could lock out nutrients. High temps…I was at 118°f yesterday…tops fry, not bottoms yellowing.
If you want, try this…a shot glass of first of the morning urine. Let is sit one day, mix with a quart of water, foliar spray the leaves (lights off / sunrise / sunset). Plants will absorb N through the leaves in 1 day compared to taking a week for it to come up through the roots. Urine is LOADED with nitrogen and turns to ammonia in 1 day. It is STERILE!. First urine (males) has the most N. Females have extra hormones so not female urine.


May cause the wife to ask a few questions…especially if I use her favorite shot glass


Man o man some times I scratch my head and wonder ! Ok you need to consider a few things I would suggest you repot use a lot of micro all around the roots center the poor girl so she can expand her roots all around the pot. Get yourself some way to raise her off the bottom a good inch or two so you can also check PH etc. before and after feedings and even after a watering. Knowing this information will help you a lot. Get you nutrients now choose your own but vedge requires a lot of attention Keith Feeding in your case will solve all else so ask around to see what your buddies like to use…Hope it helps happy growing The Jetzpak

Hi Keith, I had my fabric pots suspended over a 5 gal bucket, i put 2 bolts at top of bucket & hung fabric by the handles, i drilled several 3/4’’ holes around the top 1/2 of the bucket for air flow, & remember to water wet to dry…

Thx for all the advice. Over watering makes most sense, as I was watering every other day. I also took the her out of the 5gal bucket and sit her in a shallow container. Should improve air flow this way. Gonna try the piss thing at next watering too…can’t hurt …right?

shallow container is good, i would consider just lifting it a bit off the bottom to get more airflow, even like 2’’…allow yourself to collect & test your runoff after feeding/watering…

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To quote Mike[Mrb53004]
from several months ago, “a little urine here, a little urine there, a little urine everywhere.”
I have been very impressed using urine as a fertilizer. Very impressed. I started trials with it last year. Call me converted this year. I have a pee bucket out back for my 2 boys and they think it is great fun. I added it to way more than cannabis. I have never seen my roses grow so damn big. And my banana trees are sooo green. Yeah for urine!:1st_place_medal:

NPK ratios, the ratio for human urine is approximately 0.6 - 0.1 - 0.2.

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I still think it smells a little though, even at your dilution rate. I usually run a bit stronger dilution. At your suggestion Mike I tried the lower dilution. And it wasn’t because I ate a bunch of asparagus either. Maybe hint of a rest stop toilet smell. Especially if you give it a night to convert to ammonia.

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Oh. I’m dead now. :rofl::joy::rofl::v: