Sativa Deficiency/Burn?

Please help me figure out what deficiency or toxicity this looks like.

I am growing Acapulco Pupil from seeds I got from Mass Medical. The plants are in week 10 of flower.
I am feeding with FloraNova Bloom (1,200-2,000 PPM) tap water left overnight to dechlorinate, ph 6.0-6.4.

Plants are in a small 2.5’x2.5’ tent with a 200w LED.
Planted in Ocean Forest plus perlite in 2 gal cloth pots.

Cal/mag most likely.

That’s what I thought it might be.
I did a foliar spray two weeks ago and started adding 5ml/gallon.
Didn’t see much improvement though.
Thank you!

Looks like rust. If you rub the leaves does the orange color transfer to your fingers? Rust fungus can be treated by removing the leave and getting them out of the house not just throwing them in the grow room garbage…sulfer foliation spray ever ten days…:thinking:
Although cal/mag deficiency is also a really strong possibility as well

Keep upping the cal/mag till you see an improvement, that’s If its NOT rust. Be sure to check that first, rub the leaf between your fingers, if it comes off its rust. As a general rule (starting with ro/di water) I add cal/mag to between .300 and .400 EC. Typically autoflower needs closer to 400 while photos need 300. Be careful and go up slowly, you can reach a lockout point with too much calcium.