Salt build up I believe

had a ph problem before and got that corrected plant perked up right after that and has been fine until now drooping/ wilting after a day after watering with nutrients. Plant beside it is fine and can tell soil is drying faster than the drooping Hindu Kush… Checked the runoff on the Hindu Kush and ppms were a lot higher than what went in… so I’m guessing I have salt build up on roots… is it worth getting clearx or just simply flush it with phed water? New growth is really light green and slow growing and on the very tips small light green/ yellow… soil ph is 6.4

@Tingler1 are you doing a living soil or are you using a neutral substrate?

High ppm in run off and nutrient deficiency together tell me it’s nutrient lockout. Usually caused by pH issues or high salt build up if using salt or chemical fertilizers.

Definitely should flush with plain water to a run off ppm of roughly 100 (I just use 100 as my mark because my dechlornated tap water sits around 100 ppm so just test your water before flush to get your mark). After run off is at your mark feed with the proper schedule and pH then leave it alone for about a week to let it dry out and feed.

@MDBuds fox farm happy frog soil and using homegrown organic nutrients did spread some earthworm castings on the top layer

@Tingler1 what feeding schedule are you using? The homegrown organic line does have some nutrient salts but they’re organically derived and I haven’t had any issues myself yet.

Did you follow the chart or did you adjust?

@MDBuds No I’ve followed the chart ppms last fed was like 450 which I would think it’s under fed… I was thinking maybe when I had that ph problem it built up but I alternate from water to nutrients each time… never flushed after I had the ph problem… still new to all this

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Ppms when it came out were in the 800

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@Tingler1 what did you ph with? Some of the mineral amendments will cause salt build up.

@MDBuds I got some of that earth juice ph adjusters but I just came home to see it halfway perked up other plant top soil is already dry looking this Hindu Kush is still wet… could be the fan but still gonna water healthy next water to flush it I guess

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@Tingler1 ah yeah the pH crystals are salts. Makes more sense now why you would have salt build up using the home grown organic line.

From what you hear you think it is just salt build up? Since it did halfway perk back up I’m just gonna wait till next watering to flush it. It would be plain watering next anyway. What do you think? @MDBuds

@Tingler1 plain watering will flush salts out of the root zone so that is an option.

Flush us just a last resort if regular watering and feeding doesn’t work.

Ok I’ll just feed them plain couple times till ppms goes down thanks for the help again! @MDBuds

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Hey @Tingler1,
When flushing for salts specifically, I have real good luck doing more of a flood table approach. What I mean (phd water) is I flood a bucket (or garbage can depending on your container size) right up to an inch of the soil line. Go smoke a bowl and walk the dog. Then pour it off and let it dry out. Let it soak for 45min-1 hour. Like soak and hold for a laundry stain.
You can usually get the desired flush this way in just 1 good soak and rinse. It has worked well for me.

I have since switched to organic living soil, but back in the day I used me some salts. If I knew then what I know now I would float some microbes in there too. While soak rinsing the pots in the bucket. A pinch of great white, or what ever you like to use. Mycos, recharge etc.

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