Sagging tops droopy leaves

I have 8 moby dick and 4 purple tai outside in 5 gal aerator bags with happy frog soil with crab shell and kelp mixed in same as last year and the plants just starting to show some bud hairs now the tops are tipping over and the leaves are drooping on some plants but not all.
What causes that underwatering or overwatering? I grew some super silver haze and gelato last year same soil same fertilizer same bags had no problems need some advice

if the pots are light, dry soil, then they are thirsty, i have seen my leaves droop a bit when it gets over 90*f & strong sun, but they come back… i usually wait till the leaves are drooping before i water/feed, then within an hour they are usually praying or pointing to the sky…

and if not dry…overwatering loads the leaves up with moisture, they get heavy and droop…usually with rooster claw leaves and possible nutrient issues showing. Excess water washes out N (a water soluble nute) and the soil cannot rebuild it fast enough so you see some yellowing…from the bottom up

Must have been the heat wave soon as temp dropped and a good watering the plants came back to life. I’ve seen the leaves drooping before but never the tops keeled over. Just panicked a little bit. The moby dick and purple tai are very big high yielding plants that should be in the ground but I’m potting them so I’m a bit over cautious I guess thanks for the reassurance.I topped them three times and their still huge! If your planting in ground these are definitely the strains to grow very high thc and huge yields!

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Flying green bugs on the plants anything I can mix with water that I can spray them with almost out of vegetation stage out doors