Rust around the edges

Looks as if I might have three or four more weeks of flowering. Rust around the edges and on the tips of my leaves… Kept it pH pretty rigorous. Any suggestionsemphasized text

Rust is usually associated with fungus. Remove (carefully) the infected leaves and discard. Defoliate to increase air circulation. Be careful to avoid the spread of the spores. We must clean carefully our worktools and the rest of the greenhouse / room /tent, using bleach as antimicrobial agent.

The fungus manifests itself through small lumps or small brown spots, of an intense orange.

The fungus manifests itself through small lumps or small brown spots, of an intense orange.

The cure is extremely difficult, the main antifungals help to reduce the propagation rate, but don’t eradicate the plague completely, even though we can control it with sodium bicarbonate if the plague is not set up more than two or three days, something very difficult to evaluate, so it can work as a preventive agent.

It is a method which is based in pH control, making it more basic, hence getting hard the biological conditions for fungus proliferation. You only have to do an irrigation with a spray sodium bicarbonate solution direct to the leaves and steams two times a week, watching carefully any signal of fungus appearance.

Any vegetal matter infected by rust must be removed from the environment , cleaning again all tools used for cropping, otherwise we could spread the plague out.

You can make your own product if you prefer to treat your plants naturally. These products always are based on:

  • Macerated or infused garlic in water: Always as preventive antifungal agent.
  • Macerated or infused nettle in water: As preventive antifungal agent, or contact antifungal.
  • Macerated or infused horsetail in water: Always as preventive agent.
  • Cupric sulphate water solution (20% w/w) (Bouillon Bordelais): As preventive antifungal agent, or contact antifungal. It is made of aqueous cupric sulphate solution

Neem oil will take care of that for you

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I’ve also seen similar when a dirty humidifier was used. Was blowing algae spores everywhere.


What is neem oil, where do I get it? Showing my ignorance. Do I put it in my water or what?

@Rusty if it’s rust mold milk can kill it. Straight milk at first after defoliating and burning the worst of it. Milk is more effective than store bought antifungal sprays that are safe for plants/consumption.

Once you defoliate and mist with milk mist it daily cutting back on the concentration of milk by adding in distilled water. Day one just plain milk. Day two 25% water 75% milk. Day 3 50% water 50% milk. Day 4 75% water 25% milk. Day 5 80% water 20% milk. Day 6 85% water 15% milk. Day 7 90% water and 10% milk. After week 1 mist once weekly with 90% water 10% milk to prevent it from coming back.

When harvest comes just do a distilled water bud rinse before hang drying and make sure to have your fans and dehumidifier going in the drying area.


@Rusty also, did you verify it was rust mold? Did it rub off in your fingers and leave a rust colored smudge or stain on your fingers?

You get it at walmart its for molds and gnat’s 3in1 spray

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No, it’s on the edges and across the leaf. It makes the whole leaf brittle . I am only about 13 inches from my light, could this be the problem.???

Thanks, always glad to learn.

@Rusty if it isn’t leaving a stain on your fingers and leaves and stems are brittle it sounds like a phosphorus deficiency for sure and not rust mold. Rust mold rubs right off on your fingers. Would need photos to be 100% though.

It depends on what light you have if it can be light burn but light burn usually only affects leaves and won’t usually make stems brittle unless plant is underwatered too. I’d need more information on your light.

I just have a 100-watt Mars Hydro light. And it definitely does not come off on my hand. I might have misspoke I don’t think it’s on the stems. Might have been high when I said that. I only have about a foot between my light and my plant. I used the Flo Rida chemicals. The3 that go together.

@Rusty doesn’t sound like it’s the light but a photo is definitely needed to assist further.

Best pick I can come up with t trimmed it all back yesterday

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