Russet mites in late flower?

Hello fam! I’m in week 7 of flower in a 10 week stran. And I found Hemp Russet Mites!!!:rage::disappointed_relieved: What could I do? Should I just chop and take my losses.:sob: Also I pollinated a plant in there and one of the few ones that look good in the room. Is it safe for the seeds if I’m not smoking her are the seeds inside her good?. ?

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Yes i think they are fine shouldn’t bother them

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@Mr.C.Growin4B Seeds should be fine I’d clean them and inspect them with a loupe first… Personally I would not consume if it has hemp russet mites since they burrow in the plant and are microscopic. What you see as pollen could very well be the mites. Look closely…:sunglasses: although I did see a way from Jorge Cervantes for removal of powdery mildew involving a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water right after picking the plant.:sunglasses:

Hemp Russet mites are one of the most difficult of all mites to eradicate. The treatment is usually a 5 week program but with only 3 weeks left, what to do?
How BAD is it…please send a few pics…have the caused the tops to fall over, are they showing up like covering the stem?
You also do not say how many plants are infected…how big is your crop?
Predatory treatments might be too late but any of the wash away solutions could work. I have also heard a temperature raise to 115f for about an hour can kill them off…possibly dangerous but better than losing the crop, you may have nothing to lose.
Any fans might disperse them so be careful. You will have to do a CLEAN ROOM before next grow