Rosin pressed vapes

I am making vape carts from the rosin I’m getting from my rosin press. I have been using a liquidizer to help will the consistency. Is there another way to make the rosin have more fluidity without adding any other substance? And is it also necessary to decarb your rosin before adding to your vape? I have been, just looking to remove an unnecessary step if that is the case.


Welcome @NotoriouslyAnonymous vaping will decarb your rosin so no need to decarb before hand.

The safest thing to use to make it more liquid and to thin it out is pure vegetable glycerine. It’s safe to vape and doesn’t have any of the harmful effects of propylene glycol which is another common thing used to make vape formulas.

Another thing that helps and also makes more colorful and brighter rosin is pressing before it is dry and cured. It can bring the pigments out with it too and you can get blue, purple, pink, etc… rosin. It also has a thinner consistency that makes it easier to work with.

Fresh pressed rosin can still be turned into shatter or wax too. Just set it in a dark fridge uncovered and it will pull the moisture out. The longer you leave it the harder it gets.


Thank you for all of that info. I thought it would have too much moisture to press it while its wet. I’m just really trying to eliminate any foriegn substances from entering my vape carts. I greatly appreciate your time and knowledge!


Would you mind explaining the process to make the carts? I would like to make them myself, for the same reason; healthier and the comfort of knowing what is in them.