Roots Organic Top Dressing Usage

I’m getting mixing advise on feeding timeline and also when
to and how long to stop before harvest with this product.

I’ve been told to feed every 21 days and some say every other watering.
And a 5 week stop feed before harvest.
This sounds like an offaly lost no feed span.

So I thought I ask the Big Dog’s here :))
Thanks y’all

I top dress on average about 5 weeks apart…you have to read your plants as different strains and different genus use nutrients at a different rate…
Last 5 weeks I switch to a Bloom blaster for 3,wk a clean flush for 2wk, 3-4 days dry out, 2 days total dark and CUT!

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How often you applying the Bloom Buster ?

Only once or twice…it is usually the last 3 weeks of flower before the CLEAR FLUSH


Really appreciate that Mike.
This is a new line here , Im sure impressed so far.

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killer product .mix suggested amount with stump tea and worm castings and molasses and let brew 48 to 72 hours u won’t regret was using down to earth products this helps take the guessing out of the game .

here’s a good product to add also

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Thanks Sean ,
Always looking for an edge,

can you attach the LINK to buy?

there you go mike

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