Root problem need advisement

When fixing root rot. Do I prune the roots

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Hi, I used to run hydro systems back in the 80’s and I never had any root problems so tell us how this happens. My units would flood the container for 20 minutes or so and then drain back down into the bottom container. So I was running the simple two container flood and drain type with geolite pebbles from Hydrofarm. I switched to dirt only as those units seam to be a lot of work to keep up with.

Hydro DWC. Will have root problems. When the water temp. Is aclose to or above 75⁰f. Below 65⁰f will give you problems also. I lowered room temp. To 72⁰f. Cooled the coiled air lines. With frozen gallon of water. Now water temp. Is 70⁰f. Held bucket lid above bucket. Sprayed roots with 32oz bottle Hydrogen Peroxide. Half bottle and half bottle in DWC bucket. Let sit for 6 hours with air on. Then sloshed roots around in bucket. No stir or stick used. Rinsed in shower spray. Washed new bucket and wiped out with Peroxide. Made pH water only bucket. Waited 3 days Made new bucket with nutrients. Couple more days new growth looks great.

Now my ph. ran away overnight. Not adjusting making fresh buckets. Why waste time adjusting. I don’t want all that extra stuff in there. Might cause nutrient lock out or something else.

You were specifically using Ebb and Flow hydro. Nice a lot less care