RO water filter

im wanting to switch to a RO water system do you guys have any recommendations?also have you noticed any difference with your plants…

RO water is great it removes all contaminants and the good stuff but you can add Cal Meg to replace it.

@Jearm do you have any recommendations for brand I’m new to this lol

That’s all I use for my indoor grows. The units are fairly simple to use and install yourself. I change my pre filter 3 times a year and all the rest yearly, or as indicated by my ppm/umol. Watch a few youtube videos on how to install etc.

I live having the peace of mind knowing exactly what’s in my water. It also makes feeding easier, as I know how each product will affect the waters PH/EC etc.

My tap water is liquid rock so I’d have to treat it extensively either way, ro/di is just easier.

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As for what brands. Read reviews, lots of reviews. The quality of the connections can make a big difference. The filters are pretty universal. Also only use good hoses, not the cheap rubber or plastic ones. Get the color coded hoses for ease of use as well.

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@Rye thanks I see they can range from $100 to $500 I just need one for watering my garden

There are also inline water filters that you basically just hook right up to your spigot or garden hose. They make them for RV’s. Probably not as good as RO but much cheaper.

the in line filters take out alot of chemical contaminates, however it will not do much for removing minerals if thats what your looking for. i guess it depends on your water quality…

I would just look online and read some reviews and see if you can find something that’s gonna work for you for your watering needs.

@mikes @Jearm thanks for the advice im going to dig a little deeper and see what i can come up with