Reversing a male?

Is it possible ti reverse a male so that it only produces male pollen? Kind of like when we reverse the females to make female pollen.


@metaridley what do you mean by reverse? Do you mean reveg after flowering and harvesting pollen? You can do that just like making a mother.

But if you mean making male only pollen so you make only male seeds when you pollinate there’s no way to do that yet as far as I am aware.


Yeah i meant the latter. I wanted some male seeds for breeding. Thanx mate. I wont waste my colloidal silver.


@metaridley you’re welcome. Your best bet is to just buy regular seeds and start breeding then keep some fathers.

The benefit to using reg seeds is when you get a better male you have a new father. I choose my fathers on growth and smell myself. If I get a male plant that grows trichomes I almost always use that one and breed with a frosty female to get offspring with insane resin and trichome production.


Awesome thanks!:grin: im going to definately do this since i have the space


@metaridley it’s a good idea to get cloning supplies ready too. It’s much easier to see which plant to keep as a father if you clone first and flower the clones as soon as they root so you can just pull the other males so you don’t waste resources on them.

Saves a lot of time nutrients and water. You can also just breed the clones if you want to keep your females sensimilla.


Thats an excellent idea! Get my clone game going