Revegging Clones

I have 4 clones and 2 of them seem to be reveging. I forgot to turn off my solar light on the patio and only 2 were affected. This seemed like a problem for me but the 2 have taken off in growth. Is that a good thing?

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Hi…We do not know where you are located so it is hard to tell the lighting schedule, where the plants are in their life cycle and what they are (strain)
There is nothing wrong with re-vegging. It is a process where after flowering / harvest, you increase the light to more than 14 hours and it stimulates the plant into veg state. If it is just making flowers on flowers, that is foxtailing. Try and give CLOSER pics of the buds and plants in question. Hard to image 2 re-veg and 2 don’t…

Hello Mike, I am in Southern California and the strain is Sundae Driver. The plants are in the flowering stage (I think). The plants all seemed to be growing close in size and then 2 of them started to sprout new leaves at a fast rate, I have attached close ups of flowering and those that are just starting to flower.


They look like they are entering mid to late flower…this is where they start to pack on weight…Expect fast growth at this stage. In a tent, this is usually were tent growers suffer from STRETCH…plants can grow 1-1.5 feet in a few weeks

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