Restless Leg Syndrone

For all you homeopaths, naturalists, (@kmac), For you also @MDBuds
What do you recommend for Restless Leg Syndrome
Tried: supplements; iron, potas, mag, quinine


@Mrb53004 so there isn’t a lot yet as far as studies of Marijuana and RLS are concerned. There have been a few studies with CBD that showed promise and there have been a few studies that linked RLS to possible dopamine issues much like Parkinsons.

With that being stated, a high THC strain high in caryophyllene and myrcene and other calming terpenes would likely be beneficial. Strains such as grandaddy purple, purple kush, afghan kush, wedding cake, Gelato, gsc, lavender, etc…

As far as high cbd and high THC the best one currently on the market is Gold Leaf fem from HCC. That thing is a potent beast that will pretty much knock out most ailments and issues related to dopamine or anxiety etc…

There are a lot more new 1-1 THC-CBD strains available at homegrown as well but I haven’t personally grown them yet to speak to their effectiveness to assist with tremors, dopamine issues, anxiety, sleep, or other issues.

Thank you very much, quality data you provided. I have the gold leaf you sent me started and will use it as a test bed…I guess I only have 2-3 months to wait

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