Repot or not? All plants are on week 3. Most are eating the water in two days

Indooor in 2 gallon pots.
Outdoor in 10 gallon. I know I at least want to repot the 10 gallon ones that are extra big and also some pots did not get all the way full.
Firt try with outdoor they got dug up by a animal. So lost a lot of soil.
The reason the indoor is eating it so fast is i was trying to save some of the ones that got dug up or would of repoted into 2 gallon and staryed flower earlier. I only have room for the indoor plants to go up to 3 gallon.

indoor is almost at 4 weeks and they are 4 foot tall now. i dont want to transplant if i dont need to. I think the outdoor should still. Roots are coming out the sides of fabric. less then 10 gallons.

actually 2 are 4 foot tall and most are 3.