Removing leaves

Should I continue trimming leaves all the way to harvest or is there a time frame where I have to leave them alone and not touch them other then feeding, I feel like I read somewhere that you shouldn’t touch them the last 2 weeks but I can’t remember for sure can anyone verify that for me please

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@JimiG1974 When I grew in dirt my plants were always sensitive to trimming/pruning during flower but I did not have a good grasp on my nutrients and soil…but since I switched to hydro I find I can trim all the way up to harvest. I think if you have a good growing medium and a healthy plant you can trim during flowering…


It also depends on what seeds your growing Regular seed’s can handle little more than feminized. Feminized seeds can stress alot easier so you have keep that in mind when pruning later in flower and for auto’s im not sure about because I’ve never grown them.

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@JimiG1974 I just harvested 4 Death Bubba clones, had to trim them weekly right to the end!

And since I harvested on Christmas and didn’t want to spend a lot of time, I stripped most of the leave off them in the last 2 weeks. Opened up a lot of the lower bud sites and let them get more light. It took longer to take the photos than it did to actually harvest them. Just tied twine around the base with a loop, snip and hang. I’ll trim any other leaves off next week when the branches snap.

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I thinking I’ll probably trim most of the leaves week 7 of bloom starts on Friday my friend trims his down trip buds only and my other buddy says that they need some of them leaves so I wasn’t sure what I should do I really appreciate you guys taking the time to respond thank you much

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Hoping to do my trim on Jan 3rd. Wife has to work so I can take over the warm living room and trim on the glass table. Advantage of pre-trimming most of the leaves off is I hope to do 4 plants in 3 hours, not including the pre-, during-, and post-trim puffs! All the trim will be smokable and delicious while I await the cure!

How long should I hang them for when they time comes and under what conditions do I hang them like temperature and lighting etc.

I’m growing in Coco Coir I’m not sure that that will make a difference I think it’s almost the same as growing in soil but I’m not positive on that this is my 1st grow

What else do you have in your soil @JimiG1974

I’m about to start trimming these girls I have 10 to trim I have kept the leaves down somewhat but I still have a lot of leaves to remove this is gonna be fun so glad I put a chair in this room

remember never more than 30% each trimming and then watch next 24 hrs to see the reaction…if all looks good trim again…I like to leave the smaller fan leaves and take the larger one…

I’m using Sunshine #4 Advanced that’s it other then the nutes I add while feeding but I didn’t mix anything else in it I’ve been pretty happy it so far I didn’t want to use soil with nutes only because I want to give them what they need myself as opposed to it already being there

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I’ve been taking all the larger fan leaves off my whole grow I’ve kept them what I think is pretty trimmed this picture was taken Christmas Eve , and I have been slacking on them a little bit since I found herm it took the wind out of my sales a little bit I’m getting back on track now

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that’s a great trim job!

@JimiG1974 Ideal is 60F and 60%, in the darkness. But 55-65 range, I’m trying to get the humidity up in my tent, put some water in a tray in front of the little heater/fan I have in there to try and get it up to 58F! Got a cold dry Arctic Outflow hit us on the 24th, it’s like 10F here!
Hang for 7 to 14 days, until the branches “snap” when you bend them. Kyle has some videos on drying and curing.
And put your plants in darkness for a couple days before harvest, makes them give one last burst at the trichome factory!

Really ? :joy: I’ve been slacking on them really bad the last 2 weeks

Thank you for that info that’s really helpful and I’m definitely going to check out them videos I’ve been really grateful with the knowledge I’ve learned from all of you guys and the people at homegrown as well I’m definitely going to try their seeds with my next grow well not the next cause I have some clones that I would technically consider the next grow but after that I will be I’ve been told the genetics are really good and that’s what I’m looking for

And that’s about how my girls looked after I trimmed them. Still some smaller leaves to collect energy, but nothing blocking the buds from getting light.

Looking good!

Thank you very much I’m glad to know I’m going down the right track

I trim in flower at week four and then let them ride come harvest I do what the oldtimers (like myself) have done take the carrots and leave the greens then in a week or two take the new carrots and hang-em high then if you have any hold outs don’t rush them they so want to be smoked too! Check your triks and deep in the flower to look for amber you may sacrifice a little bit higher peaking bud but you still get your whole plant and what the fuck have you wanted a these past months…yep

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