Removing fan leaves in flower?

I’m 6 weeks into flower on my second grow (Shishkaberry Kush!), i managed to pretty much kill my first. I have trimmed very few of the bigger fan leaves, and I’m wondering if trimming the fan leaves so the lower branches can get better light and spend more energy on making the buds will cause my gals to stress badly or should I just leave them as is until harvest? They’re pretty dense.

Middle of flower stacking sometimes you don’t have a choice. Plucking a few here and ther is not going to hurt.

The Shiskaberry Kush is pretty maintenance free through veg and early flower interns of pruning/defoliation.

The fan leaves covering up nice buds should be clipped as they get to big to tuck. At week 6 many strains may need a light defol in the middle for air flow.

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No no u can trim she will love it plus ur buds will fsttin up.let’s light in

I have defoliated too many fan leaves in the past only leaving smaller ones to take their place. I like to tuck if possible and remove if necessary. By really getting above your plants and looking down as the light would, it helps to see better which to remove and which to simply tuck. Possibly you could only need to spread the plant a bit more to receive the light? It’s your grow…do what makes you and your plants happy!

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