Real skunk seeds

Where do I find real skunk seeds I grew them when I was 15 years old about 40 years ago and they were pea sized seeds and when the light hit them the plants stunk the whole room up of skunk ,nobody sells real skunk ,it doesn’t even smell like skunk ,it’s a joke ,if you know somebody that has real skunk seeds please get ahold of me at [email protected],also when some of my leaves turn yellow,what do I do

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Hi Todd, welcome. The yellowing of leaves depends on what stage of grow you are in. I am new to growing but the plants I have so far have done similar to your description of skunk. What stage of your grow are you in and I can possibly be of more assistance?

Always seems to be in the budding stage,thanks for responding,and the skunk thing is obviously a different subject but wish I could get my hands on some of the old real skunk seeds

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Sucker leaves like to eat up nutes if not groomed. It could just be the plant finishing up too. If you like your soil and water ph, your humidity and temps are stable and don’t see any other irregularities, pull or trim them. I would say you are well on your way to harvest. My favorite, handling and smelling those sweet sticky morsels! Good luck and I hope I was able to help!

Any help for finding those real skunk seeds

Thanks for your help I’ll try all that I’m adding some nitrogen and phosphorus in my Foxfarm grow big solution with water hope that works but a new question ???is I’ve been growing some gelatos which really are a good plant to grow inside and I have one I am tearing out and it smells like coffee at allGrew very nicely and finished good so I’m wondering why is that smell when the rest of them smell like sweet gelato it looked exactly like the rest

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I have a black Jack auto that smelled similar at mid-flower. I moved it to a steadier temp environment and she really started kicking in, smells like diesel now. I think the temps were a bit too much for her at the time. I do not use any N when in flower, especially later on in flower. Let me know if she has a good reaction to it, please. Thanks!

You are right about the temps I had a couple sodium lights with the flower bulbs in them and they produce so much heat the plants didn’t do so well so I got a spider farmer 4000 type light instead and put it close to the ceiling and ventilated cool air through it and the buds when nuts, They greened up and just looked so healthy and grew so much longer than they would have, I have pictures of them wish I knew how to send them to you but I’m sure you’ve done as well I’ve been doing a lot of gelatos ,gorilla glue, white widow ,train wreck and God bud,But Trying Bruce Banner now Runtz and banana Kush which is supposed to be pretty high THC and something called Gluchi

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@ this point to do all the crossing and over-breeding it may have been lost to time! Yet maybe “potentially” could capture a Skunk collect its spray from the gland and put it in your soil mix? Thiol’ is what makes that Skunk smell!