Ready to transition--what do I do nutritionally?

I’m ready to flip. I have a ten gallon (ridiculously oversized) container for my little girl, warmth, light, and at this point I have been letting her dry out a little before watering again. She looks very healthy, has been in soil for about nine weeks, topped her once weeks ago, and I think, for a first grow, there’s enough buds that I be content with the yield. My plan is to cut the light back by fifteen minutes a day and go to a 12/12 schedule. Finally, I haven’t messed with the nutrition much since I planted in good potting soil, which I amended with worm castings, arbuscular fungus, and Bio-Tone when I put her in the container.

Should I add nutes and what should I add?

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I would top dress before watering and it should be good @Reefers how many weeks do you like my friend

Not sure I understand the question. How many weeks what?

I should have been clearer in my question. I was under the impression that potassium is more important in flower than nitrogen, so I was wondering what to topdress with. Or is something balanced, like a 3-3-3, more in order?

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The blends are nice because of the diversity of ingredients. I usually start there and maybe add a few goodies. I use a 4-8-4 “flower” blend, with higher P, when I’m transitioning to flower.

You could use the 3-3-3, and add something like bone meal for the P, plus some calcium.

Also, in my opinion there’s no need to gradually ramp hours down. It will stay in veg until you’re down to around 14. I like to prune away the lower underdeveloped nodes before flower, and for me, the slow ramp down would just mean more maintenance.

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I hear ya. Thanks.

Wish I could send nugs to all for the way you all generously share your knowledge.

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Weeks in flower @Reefers

I have no idea. I’ll let the plant tell me. From what I’ve seen and read, it’s harvest time when 20% of the trichomes are going dark and the majority are cloudy.

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If you want the most potency harvest when all cloudy if you want couch lock all amber half and half you get body high plus couch lock

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My research suggests that you can get all amber, but not all cloudy as they change color at different times on the same flower. I watched a video by a woman who works in a commercial facility and she said that 20% amber is when you will likely have the highest percentage of cloudy.

She seemed sincere. :slight_smile:

Well @Reefers most of use don’t grow in a big facility where you have 30 people working on all there plants if you grow them where all your tops are the same you will get all cloudy I’ve done it time and time again now when you harvest at all cloudy they will change as they cure

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@Reefers in my experience, a few grows and strains under my belt, and different magnifying devices used, it’s not that easy to get an accurate survey. They can look cloudy from one angle, and clear from another. Amber is easier to see, but you also need to consider, was this particular bud getting too much light or too much wind, etc.

So I’m looking at all of the moving parts. The breeders estimates, the color of the stigma hairs, and lastly, my best guess at the trikes.

If you have a high end camera with 50-100x optical zoom, that might give you a better picture than I’ve been seeing. But I also see it as something to not get super hung-up on.


That, sir, would be awesome. I was under the impression that this was the way it is on individual plants. I’m not looking for couchlock. If I want couchlock, I just eat a big meal of Italian food.


That’s the reason I check all my buds in darkness with a loop and good clear light my best advice is to work with your environment

Down to 12/12 and my order of Down to Earth organic Rose and Bulb 4-8-4 just arrived, so today I top dress. Last feeding till harvest.