Re-covering the Greenhouse

I have a ShelterLogic 10x10 Steel frame greenhouse (#70656) for about 10 years now.
Covers last almost 2 years but once hole/tears start the disintegration accelerates.
The replacement covers cost almost as much as the entire greenhouse!
I am thinking of a 6Mil visqueen and some spray adhesive to extend the life.
Has anyone had similar problems and tried my suggestion?
If you have had any luck attempting this solution or have alternative ideas I would really appreciate your input. Thanx, Monk

Gorilla Glue tape is clear and amazing. I used it to fix a broken headlight lens cover. Lasted years!

I will use that to address a new tear, Thanx!
But I am thinking of a whole new layer to the existing cover.
That could be a ton of tape;-)

No, It is too expensive for that, just repair. Quick fix for now. You might use it to hold the visqueen sections to the frame if you could.

@Monk get the 3m uv protectant spray. Spray your greenhouse cover with it every year and it will prolong the life of it. The covers start breaking down after the protection coating wears off so if you renew the coating every year the sun is one less thing to worry about for wear and tear. After that it’s just wear and tear from other environmental factors. Patches and glue work for accidental holes too. I use some model bonding cement from the local hobby store and just some contractors plastic to patch then I spray the patch with 3m spray.

I have a few mini green houses that I use for males that show barely any wear after three years just because I use the 3m uv spray.

Going to have to spray down the 10x12 I just got too for sure because it was just a cheap $120 one so I know that UV layer is thin as hell. The 3m uv spray is a cheap easy fix though.

The scotchgard outdoor one works great too but it’s a bit more expensive than the normal 3m. 3m owns scotchgard now though so I don’t even know if they make their self brand anymore or just kept the scotchgard brand. I haven’t had to buy any in years because I bought a crate a long time ago. Lol


ours just got delivered yesterday. Should I spray a new one with 3m uv spray?

@MDBuds Brilliant!
It’s quite windy here so spray of any type will be a challenge.
2 sides are easy but 2 are bordered by raised beds not the mention the height.
One of the reasons I considered gluing large sheets of plastic.
And they would be easy to spray prior to application.

You talked about bonding cement; what we used to call model airplane glue?
Or will other adhesives work without damaging the plastic?
I’ve used 3M Super 77 with some luck…Thanx Again

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@Monk yeah model airplane glue works too. Model glue/bonding cement fuses plastic together so it works the best imo.

@SlingShot yeah but test a small patch first to make sure it doesn’t melt or yellow it. I’ve used it on PE plastic and PVC plastic without issue before but it’s best to err on the side of caution before you spray down the full cover.

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