Rdwc ones ready ones not

Hi everyone I got a question about some og kush autos that I’m growing indoors w a grow tent and chiller just the complete setup. One of my plants at the very beginning had an accident or well I did but anyway as a Seedling it got totally bent over like you would for supercropping at a later stage. I very carefully sliced open a straw and put around it to hold it up. Didn’t really expect it to make it but wow did it ever. The other plant that nothing happened to has grown slower . So I’m ready to run a week of ripen and then flush for the one that got bent. However the other is just starting to turn amber. I’m running rdwc method , my first rdwc run ever, so the plants are in 2 separate buckets but living off the same system. Any help would be much appreciated. Here’s some pics. Thanks

The bent plant

The unfinished one


I do not know about rdwc but your plants look wonderful!

Hey @Wagsweed78 not sure what your question is but…auto’s and photo’s can mature at different rates even if all conditions are the same. I do not think the flushing will hurt your plant that is behind in fact it may make it catch up. Nice grow!

FLUSHING…it is a method for those who use synthetic nutrients to blanch the soil before harvest. If you are growing in living, organic substrate, no need to flush. Just do the temperature reduction to improve the terpenes, increase the girth and density / trike production on the buds