Rasinberry auto

Hello all!

I have some Raisinberry autos on the way. I typically grow in Build-a-soil 3.0 recipe. Anything specific I should watch out for on these? Are they prone to nutrient deficiencies? Heavy feeders? I have done most of my grows under 24 hours of light. Do these prefer something different? Just trying to get a feel for how they do?

Thank you all!

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Welcome back @RYANAZAUDIO. You may be the first. I have not seen anyone mention growing those out yet. I am curious myself how they turn out. Will they really smell like raisins?

Anyway, you should do a grow along with all of us. Keep an update thread going of your grow. I don’t like the grow logs as much as the thread updates. It helps you get to know the characters here better; and us to know you.

Happy growing

Hopefully it doesn’t make prune juice ha😊

@RYANAZAUDIO it’s just your average auto. Mazar auto and Northern Lights auto are both easy to grow and need minimal maintenance beyond basic tlc. They both feed about the same too so their offspring probably won’t be too much different.

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