Random yellow-ish spots on leaves

Noticed a few yellowish spots on 3 different leaves this evening.
HGCC Gelato Auto
Day 30 from seed
topped Day 25
Rapid growth in past week
Has very large leaves compared to other two in grow.
Canopy very congested.
Average 78F and 60%rh
Sohum Living Soil so far its been water only
About every 3-4 days
PH 6.5
400W LED 18” above canopy 750 ppfd

Thanks for any input.
Happy Monday!

@OhanaFarmer looks like the start of some insect damage. Likely larvae that just hatched under that leaf. It could either be leaf miner maggots (the larvae of the leaf miner fly) or some other type of pest like certain beetles or moths.

I see what appear to be some tiny green larvae on the underside of the leaves so it’s either the leaf miner maggots or caterpillars/loopers that are just beginning to hatch.

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@OhanaFarmer best bet for treatment is to remove the affected leaves and search for eggs over the rest of the plant.

Use some organic insecticidal soap and make sure to get the top and underside of the leaves as well as the stem.

Aside from essential oils and companion plants if you’re growing indoor proper airflow will help mitigate a lot of pest problems because the flying pests (like moths, butterflies, and some of the larger flies) can’t sit still long enough to lay their eggs if a fan is always blowing them away.

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@MDBuds will grab some soap this morning. Thank You!!!

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I removed 2 leaves, did not see any other signs, eggs, or otherwise. Applied soap. So far so good. Thanks for the help!

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