Quick questions guys

So my strawberry cough had fully germinated today and I just planted them. Can anyone tell me the l8ghting situation am I do 12/6 or 18/6.

I assume you mean 12/12 and not 12/6. Totally up to you. If photos then 18/6 is the norm for most. However some do 12/12 start to finish with excellent results. Photos people like to veg longer before light flip. Either way they will flower when mature enough under 12/12 light. Auto you can run under any conditions as they do not need the flip and will flower when ever they are ready to. I just flipped my photo Grape Apes today after only 28 days. An experiment to see how good they yield and how quick they flower. Have a grow diary on this here.

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Thanks I appreciate the information

@NATHAN33 ya, 18/6 is good, but low intensity light, higher in the blue spectrum for root development.

I just bought one of those seedling domes, came with a 17watt T5HO tube, 18" length. And a heating pad for under it. CAUTION: Heating pad cooked 2 of my seeds I think!

If you get one and use it, I put 2 pencils under my tray between the it and the pad so the flor of the tray didn’t get TOO hot and dry out my jiffies. At first, I elevated them on upside-down little pots, still got too hot, hence the pencil spacer trick. Now temps are good…still hoping those 2 come up!

@Lynyrdsky When I grew back in the ‘80’s they were aiming for 70 day turnarounds. With little clones tho. I had 1 grow I had to force flip early, around 65 days as we all went on a Mexican cruise. I think out of 20 to 30 plants, don’t even think I got a pound, more like 12 oz of small popcorn buds. Compared to grows where I let them go 80 days I’d get just under 2…sell one for $2800, have 7 or 8 oz to smoke or sell 1/4oz for $75 back then! Helped pay for my degree and free smoke! Back then, I had a 6’x6.5’ room in the basement suit we were in. 1000w HPS bulb. Joke was the upstairs tenants had a washer/dryer, so they had to pay 60% of the hydro! I also had a 400w HPS for vegging my clones before the 1000w for flower!