Quick psa on my first visit to the hydro shop

Just wanted to share something that I believe helped me out a bunch… My first trip to the local hydroponics shop… I had seeds on the way. No idea really what to do. I had read through the ‘Grow Bible’ years before but never put anything into practice… So I didn’t even know what I needed to check pH… I just knew it was important. Anyway… I was collecting some random things and when I was ready to check out… the dude was like here… take this aswell… and slid a book across the counter. It was Danny Danko’s Cannabis a beginner’s guide to growing majijuana. And no shit it covers 95% of the questions you see in these forums. Its fact. not bro science and condensed with easy to follow illustrations. It was $15 and money well spent. Peace… love and blaze on folks!