Questions. Experienced answers only please

Hey all. I’ve always grown indoors, but this year I’m going to put a couple 7 gallons on my balcony. My questions are

What do I do with watering? Do I let it rain on them? If so, should I put a bucket out to catch extra rain water? If it doesn’t rain for awhile do I just use my normal PH’d distilled water? And what about nutrients?

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Not much experience out doors but from what i experienced rain is ok during Veg, sure collect the rain water: you going to need to feed the plant at some point no sure your growing method: of course pouring rain maybe like a Flush unless your plant is large enough to deflect the rain: pest management comes into play also! So you going to need to address that the earlier the better!

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Rain is fine as long as your containers have excellent drainage. Treat the plants generally like you do when they are indoors, except you don’t have to fool around with trying to imitate the sunlight. Watch out for overheating, plants in containers in the sun are in danger of getting hot roots, which stunts growth and causes yellow leaves. Without the earth to dissipate the heat, it’s a concern. And don’t worry too much about bugs, nothing bad should invade your balcony. The sunshine will take care of most of the pesky little critters that get into the grow tent.

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I’ll have excellent drainage and sunlight as they’ll be growing on my balcony pretty high up. So I’m not worried about lack of shade or sun, with a big umbrella I can open if it’s too hot. I’m also growing in tan colored 5 gallon bags. Not black, so that should also help with the roots not getting too hot.
So I can just use rain water? Should it be PH’d or anything?
Just add nutrients when needed?

Organic growing is the ONLY sustainable method to grow the plant. Watering when they need it. You should by now recognize when the plant is talking to you. Rainwater is best unless you live in a big city with crappy polluted air. Yes catch extra water. Some things you did not mention are bugs and diseases–leaf miners, white fly, and mold and mildew when it rains and not sunny. Outdoor growing comes with pests. You have to examine the plant most every day and get on any problems. Marijuana should “suffer” some to be good, and you will have to deal with suffering. You can do this.


Lol. Thanks. Just the rain water was the question. Everything else is under control

If there are butterflies in your area, get some BT and mix it with water. Use it as a foliar spray every other day to keep the butterfly larvae at bay — else they turn into caterpillars that will destroy your buds just at the time they’re fattening up.

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I use neem oil. And I’m up 5 stories, so I don’t really have to worry about pests.

And again, my question was about rain water. Thanks though

But you did ask about nutrients.
Though a little late, living soil is the way to go. Takes several variables off your list.