Questioning my sexuality

Is this because I trim and manipulate too much.This happened to me before . Is this uncommen ? MY BOY!!

@Rusty what a topic … Auto flower types stress more easily than photo. Trimming is one source of stress, so is lighting and temperatures/humidity. Now under normal circumstances these feminized seeds can go rogue for no reason that you did.

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Never tried autos, only photos. Do I need to get it out of the room. I have put it in another box, but didn’t know if exhaust would move pollen around?

unless you want to pollenate your girls’ get this one out of there and dead…

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That’s a handsome boy you have there.

I found pollen able to: after harvesting pollen miles off site, cutting a few stamens to a paper bag, shower and swap clothes. Then tying paper bag over isolated branch (all while tenting all inside a 1gallon zip lock) and removed 4 days later (all tented inside a 3 gallon hefty bag at removal). Produce 18 beast plants all seeded from head to toe thru 2 10’x18’ raised beds. Like every time. Listen to @retiredoldguy and kill them dead sealed in a bag if you have any sinsemilla going.

I have thrown males in compost bins and city pick up yard waste bins before. Only to stare in disbelief that that male I pulled out a week ago has managed to stand up as a raw cut off cutting and glisten the bin with a pollen malestorm.

Now if I want a male gone I throw him in the fireplace to cremate him. Then spread his ashes in the garden in a compost ceremony.

If you have a tickle to pollen chuck do dedicated seed runs. In my humble opinion the select branch pollination isn’t worth the risk unless you have pounds stored away. I start making my mini clones into seeds the day after I pull in the harvest. No fuck ups that way, and you don’t fuck anyone else’s crop downwind either. Karma ya know.

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