Question on harvest and trimming AF

Diesel auto flower - looking like it’s just to the point to harvest and trim

Being an auto flower - do I just cut the branch and make it bare on top. So it’ll grow again ?
Is there a special technique for auto flower ?

Pic for attention

PS - this is my first grow (I have had a full vegetable garden in the past. First time doing this )


It wont grow again, its genetically programmed to die after 12-16 weeks.

It doesn’t look ready yet, the pistols are mostly white. You want very few white pistols at harvest.
Do not trim any tops at this stage of the autos life. Looks good, though. Great job!
Oh yeah, if you want to trim something, trim some of the lower fan leaves or lower larfy buds or branches to send more energy to the main tops.


Hey @1st-timer

This is what to look for to determine readiness


Sweet. Thanks

I just ordered a jewelers loupe. Will be in tomorrow

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That loupe will really help matching to the chart @Khatru posted for you, and us.

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You have a ways to go. Probably two weeks out.

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Took a few pics
Still white / milky

Sorry to be a pain in the ass w this.

If you can zoooooooom in.

Now. Or should I wait for some amber ?
Harvest 1 now. And wait for the rest ?

You want to get the microscope closer like this so you can see past the leaves. The leaves will turn amber first.


Patience is virtue…

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Think it’s time ?
I checked 2 days ago. Did not see any amber. But all cloudy …
The 1st pic seemed to be more mature then the 2nd
But the leaves are wilted and falling down now.
I think it’s time

I don’t know that I should, but, as my fan leaves started to fade I have been pinching them off. I’m in the forth week of flower. They seem to tolerate it.

I need a close up of the bud. I don’t see any foxtails, which come in before the trikes turn.

Move in to about 4 inches and zoom.

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