Question about trim and thc

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I was wondering how you go about eatimating the thc content in trim from a harvest. I guessed that only half of my trim had the percent of my yield’s thc, so I calculated 50% of the weight times the thc level of the sample, and diviided that by tge number of gummies. My 50% was a total guess, though. Thoughts? Is there somewhere I can send a gummy to get tested for potency? Thanks

I’ve been using my trim, etc to create “freezer hash”. It’s basically a way of pulling out the trichomes (thc) from the plant material in a dry way (no water or solvents needed). This gives you a much purer amount of thc and you can weight that. I make bakery edibles (brownies, cookies, etc) this way. In my last batch, here’s how I estimated:

1 gram kief @ 80% purity = 800 mg thc
pan of brownies cut into 16 squares
800mg thc / 16 pieces = 50mg per piece

Of course this is an estimate, but at least with kief you can get much closer to an actual strength in terms of a “guestimate”.

I know I’m WAY oversimplifying this, so any of you experts with more knowledge please chime in!


How do you make your keif??

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Hey @Adcrag. I use a method I found on the web. It’s called “freezer hash” - here’s what to do:

  • Dry the plant material and break it up - the dryer the better.
  • Put into ziplok bag and put in freezer for 24-48 hours.
  • Sift the material thru a silk screen - I use a 150 micron (finer mesh is available, resulting in even cleaner kief).
  • The result is fairly clean kief (80%-ish) with next to no mess or smell.

NOTE: This method doesn’t take any decarbing into account, so if you’re not going to smoke or bake with the kief, be sure to decarb the plant material before freezing or decarb the kief after the fact.

Thanks Bill, I’ve got a Gelato A I just chopped. I think I let her go too long, maybe bett baking keif than smoke. Well see

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