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Woot woot! Here’s my grow testing out the new Purple Sunset Autflower from Homegrown using their organic nutrient line.


How are those purple sunset autos going? I really enjoy your threads…

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@Noddykitty They’re just coming into week 2 of seedling stage. Germination stage took roughly 12 days so they’re still pretty small. I’ll be updating the diary soon. Just been pretty busy lately.

I think these guys might go a bit longer than advertised but then again my grows usually do because my method with watering with liquid kelp slows vertical growth and they grow massive root systems before they start to shoot up and bush out. Helps keep them smaller for smaller spaces too. Like using pgrs but organic and naturally occurring so you still get a huge yield and fat buds on a smaller plant.

Have you ever played with actinic light? Far blue but not quite UV. I steal them from my live coral aquariums to put on my bansai keeper clones. Dedicated actinic fixtures. There is a noticeable difference in stretch with the actinic light present. The sisters are consistently half the size of the daylight lights nearby.

Actinic is the most photoreactive color for saltwater corals. The symbiotic algae die off quickly without actinic. When growing live coral captivly. True UV usually just sunburns the corals unless your tank is like 24”+ deep.


@Noddykitty I use uva and uvb for similar purposes instead of the blue/near uv.

You get increased biomass and increased resin and terpenes. Even though that in combination with the liquid kelp keeps the plant shorter the buds are denser, heavier, and more potent so I get more yield.

Added bonus of algae/mold prevention on the top soil too and your plants get better pest resistance. Helps keep away those darn spider mites too.

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